Prospect Geotech uses advanced technology and experienced staff to provide high quality services at a cost-effective price. The two company founders have each had their geology degrees for more than 25 years, and use their knowledge and experience in the field to provide superior services to clients.

We also work with a team of geologists specializing in structure, minerals and geophysics, for client projects that require special expertise.

The latest American-made software (LabVIEW™) and data acquisition systems are used to collect data reliably and accurately. This technology, combined with hardworking, diligent professionals, is what makes Prospect Geotech services so valuable.

We provide wellsite services for oil and gas and geothermal projects.

Our advanced technology allows us to customize many of our services.

  • On site supervision of subcontracted geological services.
  • Monitoring, analyzing, and reporting on drilling operations for one or more wells.
  • Acting as client field liaison, communicating with your home office.
  • Producing morning reports customized to your requirements.
  • Formation Evaluations: oil and gas shows, hydrothermal alteration environments.
  • Assisting in correlation of previous well data with current drilling program.

Using National Instruments LabVIEW™ software we can customize or develop a program to acquire, analyze, and present any type of geoscience surface data for a variety of applications. We use American-made software and data acquisition technologies.

Our units are manned by at least one degreed geologist, with two people on duty per unit on a 24/7 basis.

We acquire, analyze and present data collected by analog and digital sensors and use the latest National Instruments LabVIEW™ graphical software.

Formation identification and evaluation

  • Stratigraphies identified on current wells
  • Correlation between current and past wells
  • Projected depth for formation tops
  • Mineral, hydrocarbon and geothermal evaluations

Our standard mudlogging package includes:

  • Depth
  • Hook Load
  • Weight On Bit
  • Pump Pressure
  • Pump Stroke Counters
  • Flow Out
  • Temperature In & Out
  • Pit Volumes
  • FID gas chromatography
  • CO2
  • H2S

*Satellite real time feed of wellsite operations available.

Prospect Geotech can customize a package with additional instrumentation to fit your project requirements.

We have a team of geologists that specialize in structural geology, minerals, and geophysics to provide evaluations for mineral, oil and gas, and geothermal prospects.















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